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Your Sunday NFL GIF Roundup UPDATED

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Your Sunday NFL GIF Roundup UPDATED

Is This Colorado State Coach Calling The WSU QB A "Fucking Faggot"?We'll be putting all our GIFs for the day here, from official Buddy Of The West Horton narrowly escaping certain death to Indianapolis cheerleaders remaining Chuckstrong. We'll update the post as the later games conclude, so stay tuned.

Chicago 28, Minnesota 10: Much of the country had this game on FOX and were quickly switched elsewhere as the second half began. Chicago led the vikings 25 3 at the half and FOX thought everyone had had enough. Here's Jerk Cutler firing an absolute laser into the corner of the endzone to Matt Spaeth at the end of the half.

Cutler finished the day with one touchdown and one interception and 188 yards passing. His counterpart had equally underwhelming numbers. Adrian Peterson continued his impressive Carlos Hyde Kids Jersey return season with another game with over 100 yards rushing on 18 carries.

Cincinnati 34, Oakland 10: Well the Sebastian Janikowski for team MVP race is really gathering steam in Oakland. His 55 yard field goal is basically the only thing worth talking about for Oakland. Yeah, yeah, Denarius Moore touchdown in the third quarter whatever. Andy Dalton had 210 yards and three touchdowns on the day, including this beaut to Mohamed Sanu halfway through the second quarter. It put the Bengals up 21 0 and it was over well before then.

Cleveland 20, Pittsburgh 14: The Steelers turned the ball over seven eight times. That Eric Reid Youth Jersey is a lot. That's, like, 4 more turnovers than what is typically considered a lot. Charlie Batch had three interceptions, receiver Emmanuel Sanders fumbled the final play of the game and the Pittsburgh running game accounted for the balance Carlos Hyde Red Jersey which again was four more.

The game started promisingly for the Steelers, however, when Lawrence Timmons returned an interception 53 yards to give the Steelers a quick 7 0 lead. It would be the Browns' only turnover. Put another way, the Browns had seven less turnovers than the Steelers. The downside for the Browns was Brandon Weeden joining the ever growing list of players with head injuries.

And also here Eric Reid Red Jersey is Heath Miller running over Usama Young of the Browns early in the third quarter. Young was injured on the play and would not return.

Now, for some whimsy, here is an absolutely horrified cheerleader showing solidarity with coach Chuck Pagano.

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Woman survives long fall at Raiders game

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Woman survives long fall at Raiders game

OAKLAND, Calif. She jumped shortly after the Raiders 23 19 loss to the Tennessee Titans, as fans filed out of the stadium. He was released Monday, Alameda County sheriff Sgt. Nelson said.

saved her life Joe Staley Youth Jersey quite honestly, at his own expense, Nelson told the Oakland Tribune. guy 100 percent saved her life. She be dead now.

The woman went to a seating area that was covered by a tarp and appeared to be alone when she jumped, Nelson said. Fans who spotted her tried to stop her.

yelled at her, do it, please don do it! about 10 times. But she crawled out to the edge and jumped, witness Ron Brown of Sacramento told KTVU TV.

The injured man was with a friend lingering near the flagpoles and Al Davis commemorative flame when he saw the commotion around the Jimmie Ward Jersey woman, Nelson told the TV station.

The man also repeatedly shouted, do it, as he lunged toward the woman as she dropped, Nelson Joe Staley Kids Jersey said. He was knocked down as he tried to catch her.

Arriving paramedics found the woman in critical condition and the Jimmie Ward Kids Jersey man also injured on the concourse. Initially, they thought she fell on him, but witnesses say he actually jumped to where she was falling and tried to save her.

Nelson visited the injured man in the hospital Sunday evening.

just couldn imagine having people see that, Nelson said. said it was a reaction. He is also a longtime Raiders fan and a season ticket holder.

The fall was the second such incident at an NFL game Sunday.

On the NFL opening day this year, a fan died from a fall off a pedestrian overpass outside Candlestick Park in San Francisco, and two others were injured when a railing collapsed at the Colts game against the Raiders in Indianapolis.

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NBA veteran defends Shabazz Muhammad

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NBA veteran defends Shabazz Muhammad on Twitter

On Wednesday, Shabazz Muhammad was Steve Johnson Womens Jersey sent home from the NBA Rookie Transition Program. The Minnesota Timberwolves guard crime? Bringing a female guest into his hotel room.

This didn sit well with at least one experienced NBA player. Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes took to Twitter to defend Muhammad and argue that his punishment was unfair:

Of course, Muhammad short career hasn been without controversy. Eligibility issues delayed his starting his freshman season at UCLA, Steve Johnson Authentic Jersey and in March, it was revealed that he was one year Anquan Boldin Red Jersey older than he had previously been claiming. Once talked about as a possible no. 1 overall pick, he ended up being drafted at the very end of the lottery, 14th overall. He was going to be scrutinized no matter what.

In this case, though, Anquan Boldin Youth Jersey Barnes has a point. Was Muhammad really hurting anybody? Was he doing anything illegal? He should have known the rule and followed it, but as violations go, this doesn seem like the biggest of deals.

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Trial Date Set for Alleged Purse Thieves

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Trial Date Set for Alleged Purse Thieves

(WSAZ) Two women have pleaded not guilty to charges after police say surveillance video showed they were involved in a purse Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap snatching.

Parma Jo Bobbitt and Mistie Garrett were in court Thursday in Kanawha County.

Police say Garrett was waiting in the parking lot at the restaurant after the robbery and helped get the money and credit card out of the purse, and dispose of the purse.

The women are scheduled to go to trial January 13.

Both women are out of jail and on home confinement. (WSAZ) A woman wholesale nfl jerseys was arrested and charged in connection with two purse snatchings in the Kanawha Valley. Then, just Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale hours later police say Nike NFL Jerseys sales Bobbitt was caught on a surveillance camera evening using a stolen credit card at a convenience store in Marmet. When police went to the store Thursday morning to pick up the surveillance video, police Wholesale Jerseys say Bobbitt was actually there in a parked car. Nike NFL Jerseys The officer says when he tried to Cheap NFL Jerseys arrest her, she Wholesale Jerseys China started the ignition.

That's when the officer tried to turn the ignition off and Bobbitt bit his arm, according to investigators.

Bobbit was taken into custody and arraigned in magistrate court Thursday afternoon.

Charleston Police also charged her with a similar purse snatching incident that happened at the Kanawha City Applebee's last week.

According to the criminal complaint Bobbit used a credit card and checks at a gas station and a grocery store in the Eastern Part of Kanawha County.

Also charged in connection to the Bob Evan's incident is Mistie Garrett.

Police say she was in the car at Bob Evan's waiting for Bobbit on Wednesday. She helped get the cash and credit card out of the victim's purse and then threw the bag away.

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Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice is doubtful

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Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice is doubtful for Sunday's game

really nothing new to report, Harbaugh said. I had something different with a guy, I share it with you, but they are all working hard to get back. They are all kind of in the same neighborhood as far as getting back, particularly the [Chris] Cantys and Ray Rice and those guys who were injured last week. It will get a game time decision for those guys and we keep our fingers crossed although we prepared for it to go either way. defensive end Chris Canty (groin), rookie reserve linebacker Arthur Brown (pectoral strain), defensive tackle Brandon Williams (toe) and wide receiver Deonte Thompson (foot) were also listed as doubtful for the final injury report.

Wide receiver Jacoby Jones (knee) and center Ryan Jensen (foot) have been pronounced out. Cornerback Chykie Brown (knee) is questionable for the game.

Rice Frank Gore Kids Jersey hasn't missed a game since his rookie season in 2008. His streak of 43 consecutive starts is the longest active streak for an NFL running back. But it Frank Gore Authentic Jersey appears that Bernard Pierce will make his first career start and Michael Crabtree Authentic Jersey Shaun Draughn, who was signed earlier this month, will back him up.

nervousness, said Pierce. just anxious. It's just another game. You can't really get hyped Michael Crabtree Youth Jersey up and think it's more than that. It's just another game that we have to play."

Asked if he has the mindset of a starter, Pierce said, really because in my mind I was never a No. 2 back because me and Ray rotated, alternated all throughout the game. I still have the same mentality. I'm just out here to try to win."

Players who don practice all week usually don play on Sunday under Harbaugh. However, Harbaugh said all week that Rice could play whether he practices or not, and he said the same about Canty today.

guys that have played a lot of football here, know the offense and we with them every day on the inside in terms of understanding what guys know, Harbaugh said. guys like that don play because they haven practiced, it because they are not ready physically. It not because we have some kind of rule around here. It has to do with how ready a guy is to play.

For the Texans, safety Ed Reed (hip), starting left tackle Duane Brown (toe) and tight end Garrett Graham (hip/groin) are all questionable. Wide receiver Andre Johnson, who sustained a concussion in the Texans' last game, is probable.

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National Geographic Kids

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National Geographic Kids

Facts about Coyotes:

Coyotes in Los Angeles and Dallas? It's hard to imagine, but it's true. While populations of many other animals are shrinking, coyote populations are actually increasing. Coyotes once lived only in prairies and deserts of the western United States and in Mexico. Today they thrive almost anywhere in North America.

Adaptability the main reason for the success of the coyote. It can easily change its behavior to survive in a new place. A coyote is naturally adaptable Anthony Davis Jersey because it eats such a wide range of food. If it can't find mice or voles to eat, lizards, insects, or even garbage will do.

In Native American stories coyotes are clever and tricky. This reputation is based on fact. Coyotes may scan the sky for ravens flying in Aldon Smith Womens Jersey circles. Coyotes know that the birds often hover over a dead animal, so finding the birds frequently leads to finding a free meal.

Coyotes are clever enough to trick other animals. A coyote might leap Anthony Davis Womens Jersey about crazily near a group of birds to Aldon Smith Kids Jersey distract them, then its partner might sneak up on the birds and seize a few of them for dinner.

People have helped coyotes to spread across North America. How? By killing off the coyote's number one natural competitor: the wolf. Wolves eat many of the same small animals that coyotes do. And like many other predators, wolves know how to kill competitors this case, coyotes.

With the wolf practically gone in many areas, the coyote has quickly moved in. Some coyotes kill calves and lambs on people's ranches and farms. For a century people have tried to kill coyotes by using poison, traps, and guns. Still coyotes continue to thrive. They even eat watermelon.

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